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  1. Appreciated members,
    I need to know what is the best way to introduce resources in Encore CS6. I know three ways:
    1- From Premiere project export to Encore.
    2- Being in Encore, import the Premiere project.
    3- Being in Encore, import the finished video file, such as a full HD mp4.
    The first two ways are actually the same, and there should be no difference. The difference might be between 2 and 3. I've tried both ways and I didnt notice the difference in quality, but I suppose it will not be the same. Im wondering what should be theoretically the best format to import in Encore, is the Project or Video finished ?.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Nope. I'm moving you to our general video section.
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  3. It depends on what kind of file you export from Premiere.

    Assuming you are using the Adobe Encoder and outputting a BR compatible file (one that Encore does not need to re-transcode) there should be no difference at all.

    "Full HD MP4" however, will generally require re-encode and will lose some quality.
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