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    How to sync audio in your movie using all Mac software

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    Needed Tools
    1. QT Mutator

    1. Using Quicktime Pro, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premire, or any other Video editing software line up the beginning of your movie and save.

    2. Open QT Mutator. The click File, Open and double click on your newly saved movie. A screen should pop-up showing your movie.

    3. Another window should have popped up showing two tracks, a video and a audio track. Click and highlight the video track(the one on top).

    4. Next click on Track from the top bar and click set duration. Using the units or time code inscrease or decrease the duration until the movie is in sync. (Hint: If video trails audio decrease the time, if video precedes audio increase the time)

    5. Once the entire video is lined up click File, Save. Then use this .mov file as a normal Quicktime movie and convert as required.
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  2. ok, i guess i am still confused. i've decoded rush hour 2 at 24 fps and the audio trails the video. do i change the duration of the audio or the video? do i make it longer or shorter. is there a formula to figure how much i longer i should make it?
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