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  1. I need a tutorial on how to use an anime line darkening from DVDs which I wan't to upscale to 1080p, i know its possible, because i heard people using line darkening scripts using avisynth, just need a walk-through on how to put source like for example DirectShowSource("B:\....NARUTO_MOVIE_LAND_OF_SNOW .mkv"), i tried putting them on scripts, and it doesn't work! im using megui, im kinda new to this restore anime dvds, it would be cool if i can remaster anime dvds!
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    Any error messages?

    Post your complete script.
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  3. never mind that part, i already figured that out! the only problem now is MEGUI is running DOG-SLOW, like only using 2 CPU cores out of 8 any way to set the threads to 8 including opencl? I have AMD FX-8350 with GTX 760 2GB, and its running only around 20 to 25 percent of CPU usage, i just need a script that will utilized all CPU cores and OpenCL if possible!

    Here's the script:

    DirectShowSource("A:\Video Encoding\NARUTO_MOVIE_LAND_OF_SNOW.mkv")

    function linedarken_toon(clip orig, float "sstrength", "sdboost", int "srange", "warpdepth", bool "fast")
    ###### parameters ######
    sstr = string(default(sstrength, 220)/255.0)
    srange = default(srange, 0)
    sdboost = default(sdboost, 1.0)
    wdepth = default(warpdepth, 8)
    fast = default(fast, false)

    ###### filtering ######
    sharp = orig.Unsharpmask(300, 4, 0)

    orig.mt_edge(thy1=3,thy2=255,mode="prewitt",Y=3,V= 1,U=1)
    mt_lut("x "+string(srange)+" + 195 / 1.0 "+string(sdboost)+" / ^ 255 *",U=1,V=1).mt_inflate().mt_inflate().mt_inflat e()
    linemask = mt_lutxy(orig, last, yexpr="300 1 x 255 / - 255 y - * x 1.14 ^ + - "+sstr+" *", uexpr="x", vexpr="x")

    fast==false ? mt_merge(orig, sharp, linemask, Y=3, U=2, V=2) :
    \ mt_lutxy(orig,sharp,"x y < 40 y < | x y x - 1 x 255 / - 2 ^ * 1 y 128 / - 4 ^ * "+sstr+" * x + ?",U=2,V=2)

    final = wdepth<=0 ? last : awarpsharp(last,cm=1,depth=wdepth,blurlevel=1)

    return final
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  4. Originally Posted by kairukun View Post
    i just need a script that will utilized all CPU core...
    It'll be part script and part a multi-threaded version (an MT version) of AviSynth:

    No guarantees, though, as some filters might cause crashes or might not be speeded up.
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