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    Hello all Please help

    I know I know, subject has been dealt with countless times. I've really tried all suggestions, I'm at the end of my rope...beside hammering the PC to pieces, I don't know what else to do

    My rendering used to work flawlessly a year ago, unfortunately don't know what I did to create the problem.

    Here's the situation:
    -Camcorder : Panasonic AVCCAM AG-HMC40P
    -I'm using sony Vegas 13 pro (latest version 453) - win 7 64bit - Graphic card : AMD Radeon HD6670 (for now)
    -I say for now because I thought it might be the other graphic card I had (GeForce GTX 760)
    -Motherboard : ASUSTeK - AMD FX(tm)-8350 8 core processor
    -32 gig RAM

    Redering is perfect when NO TRANSITION effect is applied, meaning only regular crossfades. Video flickers when rendered only happens in transitions when I apply a transition effect from 1 clip to the other. Flickers are sometimes blackouts, sometimes they are white flashes and sometimes are flashbacks of other clips, so weird!!!

    I've tried so many suggestions and combinations of suggestions...and I've read many many threads from different forums :
    -Turning the GPU On/Off (rendering still flickers)
    -Rendering CPU only from template (rendering still flickers)
    -Rendering with OpenCL or CUDA (rendering still flickers)
    -Completely uninstalled and reinstalled Vegas, someone suggested Adobe Photoshop CC installs DLLs that can come in conflict with Sony Vagas...what's the relation between Photoshop and Vegas ? No idea, but tried it anyway (rendering still flickers)
    -Uninstalled ALL other CODEC from the system (rendering still flickers)
    -Smart resample or disable resample of clips (rendering still flickers)
    -Chosen the "Match media video setting" thought maybe I had the wrong template (rendering still flickers)
    -Rendered with different formats : mainconcept MP4, sony Mp4...wmv and AVI (ALL renderings still flicker)
    -Opened Vegas with Windows Vista compatibility (rendering still flickers)
    -Rendered whole movie to a new layer CTRL-M (rendering still flickers)
    -Tried the nested way : when we drag a vegas project to new document (rendering still flickers)

    I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem, any suggestion I've not discovered yet ? Would be greatly appreciated..beside lighting a candle for Jesus
    Thanks in advance!
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  2. You metioned that you tried GPU off for rendering (I assume in the render settings), but also disable it for processing (options => preferences => video => GPU acceleration of video processing => OFF

    Do you see the problem in the preview already before exporting ?

    Also try clearing out the temp and cache files before exporting. When you say "flashbacks of other clips" are they from the same clips in the same project version (just different point in time), or previous projects from completely different clips ?
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    Thank you poisondeathray for a reply,

    -Yes both places of the GPU are OFF

    -Flashbacks, yes exactly as you mentioned : clips in the same project, flashbacks are of stills that have past the point currently playing.. sorry I don't know if I'm explaining this right.

    -Actually sometimes I do see some kind of a problem in the preview window, before rendering, I close Vegas and restart to continue project. Months of wasted time....

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  4. When this type of problem only occurs most of the time is a GPU problem, I guess not in your case

    If problem is already visible in the preview, then don't waste your time fiddling with the various export options - it's a waste of time. This means the problem occurs prior to encoding.

    If there is a problem is it repeatable? ie. if you go frame by frame backwards and forwards over the problem spot does that black, or white, or out of place frame, always appear? Or is it really random ?

    Vegas can sometimes have problems with long GOP (you're using AVCHD/AVCCAM if you're editing the clips natively) - it will cause mixed up frames like you are seeing. But this is less likely the problem since your issue ONLY occurs when a transition effect is applied. If that was the problem, it should effect everything even without an effect. But it's a long shot, you can try replacing the clips with an I-frame editing format like cineform .

    Otherwise I have no other ideas
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    Thanks poisondeathray, I read your answer.

    The problem only occurs when a transition between 2 clips is applied, no problem with normal crossfades.

    Can there be a conflict between plugins ? I am sometimes using Newblue effects, I thought may be this was causing the problem....but I can confirm when choosing vegas's own effects library, the problem still persists.

    Everything was top shape a year ago, I guess the next thing to try is a fresh clean Windows and only Vegas.
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  6. I'm not aware of conflict between plugins or Adobe and Vegas. I don't use New Blue so I cannot comment there - perhaps ask at their forum or the Sony vegas forum

    You say things worked ok a year ago - so there could be other hardware/driver related issues going on , perhaps memory corruption, driver issues . But the next step is to re-install at least vegas (not sure I would jump immediately to re-installing windows, maybe if re-installing vegas doesn't work)
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