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    hey, im using sony vegas and i want to do something like this:

    im talking about the 2015 in the beginning

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  2. One way to with masks and layers, with vegas mask generator set to luminance

    The 2 layers you are compositing are a "brighter/normal" version, and a copy of that layer, a "darkened" version. You can make the darkened version any way you want (e.g. levels, curves, etc.). In that video , the 2015 numbers are brighter

    The mask is a white/black image of areas that determine what areas of the "brighter" versions will be "seen through". 100% White areas show through for a luminance mask, 100% black areas are opaque. Shades of grey are intermediate. So you would make a still image with 2015 white on black.

    Track 1 - mask
    Track 2 - bright version of video
    Track 3 - dark version of video

    For Track 1 set track FX and use the mask generator. Set it to "luminance" (Don't worry, you can invert the mask if you get the white/black wrong by clicking "invert"). Set the compositing mode of Track1 to "multiply mask". Then set on Track 2 "make compositing child" of track 1

    You can animate track 1's mask event/pan crop by setting keyframes to get the 2015 zoom effect in the video (the numbers appear to enlarge over time)
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