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  1. Hi.

    I have a JVC Everio. When I transfer my videos from camera to PC, they show as a .MTS file. This works fine when I open them in Media Player and when I open and edit them in Windows Live Movie Maker. Well most of the time.

    If any of you have experience using WLMM, then you know what I'm talking about. Often some clips in your compilation will show up as totally pixelated in the finished product. To fix the problem I have spent many hours trying new things. Like splitting the clip, or copy the original video file and pasting it in another folder and renaming it and then adding it to the WLMM and then rendering the video again.

    However, from time to time, there are some clips where nothing will solve the problem. What I had to do in the past was take those problem clips, and use AVC to convert them to a setting in this program called Apple TV III .mp4 format. In the .mp4 format, those clips worked fine when adding them to WLMM. However, the quality of these clips is probably 80% at best of the original .MTS file from my camcorder.

    So, what I'm wondering is if anyone knows the exact setting to use when converting my. MTS files from Everio to another format so it is virtually the same high quality. Either using AVC or another free video conversion program.

    Thank you.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    No info given on the exact JVC Everio you have. There are several models. No info given on nthe format you're shooting, either. .mts is a container that can accept several video structures. Use the free MediaInfoXP (works with Win7, but we don't know what OS or computer you're using).

    I'd leave WLMM out of the equation. It's horrible. If AVC is giving you the mp4 you want, why screw it up with WLMM? .mts and mp4/mpeg4 are not designed for editing, so you'll need a smart-rendering editor for cuts and joins. .There are a few smart renderers listed in the software section.
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