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  1. What I want to do is take my video captures from a 1920x1200 game window, and convert them to WMV with a minimal loss in quality so I can use them as desktop loops via DeskScapes. So far I've been getting nice crisp FLV files from the game using OBS, but my problem has been in the conversions, which are turning out quite muddy. XviD4PSP looks to be the most promising in terms of flexibility, but I'm not sure what settings I should use if I want to keep quality intact at that resolution. Any suggestions?
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    xvid4psp 7? I think it only supports the old WMV2 video codec and you really want wmv3.

    I have only used windows media encoder to make wmvs...but I doubt it supports flvs. Can't you record in any other format with OBS?
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  3. Thanks for the tip! I went looking, but could find only one program that explicitly promises conversion to WMV3, Freemake. Unfortunately, my first attempt crashed it out, and now it pops up with an error message on any conversion attempt I make. Well, I guess I'll just have to go with middling quality for now, and hope that DeskScapes expands the formats that it can handle.
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