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  1. I have 1742 video clips that I need to enhance the skin tone. How can I do this in batch with a free or low cost tool?

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  2. Davinci Resolve has great color correction and a lot of tools to streamline the process. The lite version is free from blackmagic. But unless every one of those 1742 clips requires the exact same color correction, you've got a lot of manual work ahead of you no matter what tool you use.
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  3. Davinci Resolve looks like a cool tool but it does not support mp4.

    " DaVinci Resolve allows full unlimited editing and grading of DPX, CIN, EXR, QuickTime, ProRes, DNxHD and MXF files all in real time."
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    Color and other image corrections are done with lossless decoded media, not with encodes.

    Your posted image is too dark, yet brights are flying off the histogram. You'll have to correct darks, mids, and brights separately. In the video it looks as if the figure is standing too close to the black background, which is overexposed.

    You'll need better tools than a simple contrast or brightness control, and you'll need the histograms and pixel readers that come with advanced color apps. The best thing would be to shoot all 1742 clips again (OMG!), but not one at a time, with better placement and lighting. As it is, that background can't be dead black without killing other dark details or using some sort of mask technique.

    An mp4 frame after AfterEffects and Color Finesse, which has tools similar to Davinci. Many possibilities available.
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