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    I thought I would ask this question in case anyone has done this or something similar. I want to start writing my own apps and utilize the cloud for the database. A small database.

    The search tool is a simple lookup with a very small database of about a thousand or so records.

    The app will be built for android, ios and windows mobiles.

    What are the requirements to get up and running ?

    Do I need to join any services or can i create my own ?

    Whats the cost if any ?

    Please share your knowledge.
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  2. "The Cloud" is simply a PC located somewhere else. No magic here.

    You can simply store a file there, as you would on any device, and run the database search with whatever software will do the job on the particular device.

    Or, you could use the site to host a web page, accessible to ANY device that can run a browser that supports Java, and write a Java app that does the query, this is why Java exists.

    Or, you could do something in-between.

    You could rent space on a server, from many places, I have done a fair amount of business with GoDaddy and have been pleased with their performance, prices, and service. Others, not so much.

    Or, you could set up your own server, if you have an extra PC laying around the office, recommend seperate Internet connection and Static IP, which usually adds $5 - $10 per month to the connection cost.
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