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  1. I just bought at Walmart a $10 LG Android smartphone. The model number is LGL15G or L15G. The problem is I couldn't get Windows
    (xp or 7) to recognize the device. I wanted to transfer some mp3 music from my computer to the smartphone. Googling the problem didn't help much. There were suggestions to install drivers in the Windows computer. That would have really messed things up. The answer is simple, - change USB connection to MTP. The problem is no such menu exists on the smartphone until after you connect the smartphone to the computer. See the first screenshot white circle. It's hard to read but it says, Media device (MTP), tap for more USB options." So you need to tap it, and then you will get another hidden menu ( only visible when smartphone is connected to computer).
    On the second screenshot, you want to choose "Media device (MTP)". (See green circle.) When I bought the phone, the first option was ticked. That is why the computer didn't recognize the smartphone. Now I can transfer files from the computer to the smartphone.
    By the way, I just use the smartphone as an mp3 player (very good, with sliding bar to instantly access long songs), or to browse the internet via wi-fi (also very good) and listen to radio stations and download files.
    With wifi, one can also make free calls to any telephone in US or Canada by installing the free Google Hangouts Dialer.
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    cool idea, using the phone for a MP3 player, i used to do that with one of my old Verizon phones
    is this Phone supposed to be used on Straight Talk ?
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    What is your android version ?

    It is available on all android devices and you don't have to have it connected to initiate it. If you go to the settings (click on the settings button at the top right, in your first screen pic) since it is located in the setings for Storage.

    * select Storage
    * then go top right are of screen and click on the 3-dotted elips
    * it will open a drop-down menu to select MTP and anything else that device supports.
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  4. It's a Tracfone. I see the "storage" menu, but there is no "3-dotted elips" or anything else that would lead me to another screen. It is Android version 4.4.2, software version LGL15G10f
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  5. i got a usb bluetooth adapter and connected the phone via bluetooth to perform the functions of file transfer and music playback.
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    LG L15G Android Phone - PC Not Recognizing the Phone
    Purchased the new phone at Wal-Mart $60-
    Spent two full days all over the internet searching
    for a fix to the problem that neither one of my PCs’ (Windows 7) would recognize the phone. Totally frustrating! No matter what I tried… and I tried every possible sensible and non sensible fix to no avail. Then I tried Jimdagys suggestion and Walla!!! It worked!!! on both PCs’.
    FIX: Simply touch the “very top” of the phone’s screen display and “drag down” the page until you see the underlying page. There you can follow Jimdagys instructions.
    You will be happy you did!!!
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