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  1. So I'm new to this BD ripping and did a few fine. I rip with makeMKV and convert with Handbrake. I went with the default settings on both, only in Handbrake, I added subtitles and need a bit of help here.

    First question relates to an issue. I was able to rip a few movies to mp4 and have the subtitles optional, as in, I could go to VLC and selection the English. It sort of became second nature so I don't know if i accidentally changed something or what but now, anything I convert has the subtitles on the picture (I'm assuming they're burned in).

    In MakeMKV, I select the subtitle English PGS and de-select the sub "forced only" option. In Handbrake, I have the subtitles tab, add track English PGS, and nothing checked (no forced only, no burn in, no PGS). But when I convert, I see subtitles burned in. If I remove the subtitle in Handbrake, then there's no burned in subs or option to turn them on. In my mkv file, I can put that into VLC and (not sure if this is the problem) but the subtitles are on by default in VLC but I can go and turn them off. Can anyone think of why this is or what I'm doing wrong?

    My second question relates to forced subtitles and burning in. What options would I need to select when I rip and convert so that, I have the option to turn on subs (English subs) when I want them but also have the foreign language sub titles burned in so that the foreign language translation is always there? Basically, I want the English subs to be optional (say for when I need to watch a movie at a low volume) but not have them burned it, but I want force subs to be burned in. Hope what I'm saying is clear.

    Any insight to either of these would be appreciated.
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    Question 2: Choose forced only and burn in. And then can you always rip the subs with something else (clownbd, tsmuxer, subtitle edit to convert to srt) and add/mux to the mkv later with mkvtoolnix / mkvtoolnixgui.
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  3. Thank you!

    I think that might solve my first problem too, if I keep the subs in a separate srt file.
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