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  1. And maybe I should add to the question "When Right click Desktop -> Screen resolution can't be accessed".

    I have a computor with an i7-3770 Ivy Bridge CPU and use Windows 8.1. For video output the computor uses a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 display adapter and doesn't have a video port on the motherboard.

    As I understand it it should be a simple 2-step process to enable the use of Quicksync for video encoding.

    STEP 1: Enable the Intel on-board display adapter in BIOS. Done that. Shows up OK in Device Manager.
    STEP 2: Connect the Intel display adapter to a fake VGA monitor by rigth-clicking the desktop and select Screen resolution. However doing so I get the error: "The remote procedure call failed".

    I've asked for help in the Microsoft Community with a Youtube video of the problem to no avail and wondering if anybody at Videohelp could help - apart from suggesting starting all over with re-install of OS.

    My own thoughts are along the line of using Powershell to manually set "some" property in Win32_VideoController (perhaps VideoModeDescription) but I'm just a dabbler here so any help would be appreciated.
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  2. Does your encoder software support QS?
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  3. Yes.

    MediaCoder for example returns with this error:

    Description: A video encoder error is encountered
    Possible causes:
    Video encoder cannot be started as expected
    Video encoder is absent

    HandBrake doesn't offer QS as an option.

    So I believe QS needs to be enabled somehow.
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    Do you have the driver for the intel display adapter installed?
    I'm the developer behind FFQueue. My posts might reflect this! ;-)
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  5. Yes driver installed.
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  6. What does the driver tab say ? What driver version and date ?

    Does the resources tab show any conflicts ?
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  7. No conflicts
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