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  1. Hi,
    and I'm a ***

    please consider this avisynth script:

    AssumeTFF().SeparateFields().SelectEvery(4, 0, 3).Weave()
    where my source .mxf is 50P

    50 frame per seconds

    but I need to reduce it in my catrazor timeline so that it matches to a "standard" 25 fps

    Because of that is "well" insert the line ---> AssumeTFF().SeparateFields().SelectEvery(4, 0, 3).Weave()

    but in this way I get a interlaced output

    I wonder: can I modify the script so that I get a 25 fps progressive output non-interlaced?


    can I replace the the line: AssumeTFF().SeparateFields().SelectEvery(4, 0, 3).Weave()

    with another thing that can render progressive ??

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  2. SelectEven() or SelectOdd() to go from 50p to 25p
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  3. 25p will be jerky and flickery if you have high contrast and a lot of motion.
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