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  1. Im living in nursing home [NH] with about 100 rooms, each with TV. The NH subscribes to Dish to deliver programs to these rooms. Periodically, there is a meeting or DVD played. Most of the patients are confined to their room and cannot view these events.
    Is it possible to have a private channel so that these events can be viewed in their rooms? Ideally, it would be an unused Dish channel.
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  2. If the NH is using a "cable type distribution system" then the answer would be "yes it can be done easily". They just need the NH to contact the system contractor to add a private channel to the system, which would require the expense of the extra equipment. I am actually not informed on the type of system that would allow each Dish user the ability to change channels just for that user, but with the cable companies now are allowing "On Demand" channels for users, so I have to assume they can do a simple private channel. It would require investment in additional equipment, so convincing the NH to make the investment is the first step.
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