Hi all,

I'm new to video capturing, though I used the ATI AIW series 10 years ago. I have the Avermedia Dark Crystal C027 installed in my Win7 64 PC. I have my cable box connected via HDMI to a splitter/HDCP stripper that then connects to the C027 HDMI-in port. My PC video/audio output (from a GTX770 with the latest Geforce drivers) goes to a Denon AVR-X1000 receiver which then feeds signal to my TV and HT speakers. I'm using the latest software and drivers (AVer MediaCenter, Driver v1.54.x.82). I can see video in the [capture] mode, but no audio. Also when I capture some video and then play it back, there is no audio captured.

Some troubleshooting:
I have the capture [configure sound] option set to stereo mix (which is enabled and default recording device), and in the [Windows sound control panel] I have the recording device defaulted to stereo mix with[listen] checked and the Denon device selected. Windows/YT/etc sounds play fine through the Denon, but no audio at all when viewing the cable box in the [capture] mode with this capture card.

I've searched a lot, can't find anyone with this specific problem. Thanks for any help you can give.