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    hope this is in the right spot.

    I have placed a DVD-R disc into my computer. It is meant to have a wedding video on it. When I open the disc it says that there are no files on it. But when I look at the discs properties it says that there is no available space left.

    Does this mean that there are files on the disc and for some reason they are not being shown? Or does it mean that the disc is blank and there is an error with the properties information?

    I am currently using windows 8.1
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  2. Hmm possibility that the disc was not finalized. You can download something Like isobuster and though in trial mode, if any files do exist on the disc it will show them and not sure how limited it is, but it also may allow you then to drag/drop/copy it to your PC to be burned properly later on

    Actually the wonderful burning software imgburn (free) may also show the status of this disc either being finalized or not
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    Have you tried playing the disc in a regular dvd player?
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