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  1. I have found a light and very quick software that will take a movie only BD ISO (unmounted) and set the desired audio and subtitle to "Default on" on a "straight up" muxed BD (to newbies this means not re-encoded). There is also a version for a BD folder. I have verified this with BDedit. It is a GUI to edit BD Hex information pertaining to audio and subtitle much more simpler and quicker than all previously known methods. The only way to get it that I know is to sign up on the Slysoft forum and then go here. This of course will not work on any BD software player (or Hardware, if any) that does not obey Bd commands. This software is Freeware with no BS! Highly useful for extracted/exported Forced Subtitles (with BDSup2sub) or a separate Forced Subtitle track stream if present although ANY audio or PGS stream can be set. (tsMuxer strips away pertinent information providing a clean slate for your preferences in this manner). Please be sure to thank the developer "rotty dog". Finding embedded Forced subtitles or Separate Forced Subtitle tracks in any language can be easily done by running a scan with BDtoAVCHD (freeware). A full scan will not be necessary as pertinent information will show before that.
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