I apologize if this is the wrong section, but I could not find an appropriate one.

ON my 2nd Denon AVRx1200w. I really like the features and don't wish to return, but may have to opt for Pioneer AVX 90. Should I have to power off the receiver to d/reconnect iPod via usb. Many times I will just disconnect one end of the usb to use the iPod.

After reconnect I get to the playlist/artist/etc.. play a song and then it will go into "please wait", even after restart it still hangs on "please wait". Sometimes it comes out of the loop and goes back to p/a/etc and then same process starts again. I have new iPod, new ios, and have tried with older ipod too.

Usually with power off before d/rec no problems occur. On first avr I got no connection and would not stop until reset of machine was done. Denon and Crutch are not very helpful.

I uploaded this video (sorry for orientation to Youtube, it's 5;46 and at about 2:20 you can see what happens). This was after switching from Airplay (Itunes) to iPod via usb after disconnecting with no power down. Thanks.