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  1. I'm looking for a subtitle format that look like this, for using it with a rare piece of software called "Karaoke Video Creator":
    00:16.540 00:16.840 On 
    00:16.842 00:17.100 a
    00:17.102 00:17.360 dark
    (Start minute, second and millisecond; ending minute, second and millisecond; words) The most similar I know is the Adobe Encore one.

    Alternatively, I may try to use "find / replace" over another kind of file like .srt, but I don't know how to remove some stuff like the "numbers" for each line. I can't use Adobe Encore subtitles as is it as it don't have milliseconds.
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    Maybe can you use use subtitle edit to export to a custom format.

    Open/create your subtitle and then under File->Export->Export custom text format. Click New. Under Text line: use for example
    {start} {end} {text}
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