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  1. Hey guys

    I am Djuro Vukotic, a 1-year cancer survivor.
    Short story is: I was missdiagnosed with testicular-cancer, it took 7months for the doctors to finally accept that I was right and give me treatment. This gave the cancer enough time to spread, meaning that chemo and major surgeries was the only way out! - The doctor wich was a specialist refuseed and said that I needed no biopsy as it was not cancer, he later on lied to cover his ass while I had my surgery.

    Anyways- I almost died of the cancer and I almost died of the chemo! The chemo "BEPX3" is among the world hardest, and i slowly started to die off... I could not speak to anyone, no doctor, no priest, no friends or familie... As no one understands the feeling of truely dying, and not to talk about the toxicity of he chemo it self! So i had this imagine-

    1- Record everything to my familie as a reminder of who I was
    2- Record everything and if i survived help other fight their battle, and find inspiration that it is possible.
    So since im writing here now, the 2 option happend. I created a documentary talking about my life, disease and future... The video clips i recorded while i was in chemo suddenly had use, and maybe i would be able to help many others then just my own fat self. "From Bodybuilder to cancer and back! - The Djuro Vukotic Story" give it atleast 5min

    After the documentary people suddenly started to subscribe to my youtube channel Djuro vukotic, wich at that time had 0 subscribers. haha
    People are interrested in following my recovery, my life, how things goes, the future, my comeback, fitness and so on! So basicly i dedicated myself into starting my own youtube channel to keep spreading the message of "Mind-body-spirit" and fitness/health

    As of now! I am maybe looking for some one that could help me create a video that could kick-start my own channel? My documentary was created at the producers channel, and he basicly took i all "money,support n claps"- Would anybody be interrested or knowing someone that might?

    - I will also be investing in video equipment for future shoots. My idea is to interview other cancer patients, fighters, survivors, homeless, and share the knowlegde of darkness, and that suffering/hardship can be a powerfull tool "you get the point". I have no experience in camaras and was wondering if there is something to go for? - Im thinking at the price of 1000$

    As for my channel it is: watch this video
    Subscribe if ya like " Gotta say this :P "

    hope you guys can help me out.
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    Yeah, I'm interested.

    Oh, wait a minute. Blaming cancer on lifestyle or eating habits is baloney. I beg off.
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