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  1. Hello,

    I am trying to convert uncompressed/lossless AVI to XviD AVI with Virtualdub 32bit. It used to work flawlessly for me until one day it just started to just "lock up" at seemingly random parts of the video. It would still appear to be compressing but it is stuck on a specific frame endlessly.

    I've tried reinstalling K-Lite, resetting codec settings, rendering the source files again to make sure they aren't corrupted and nothing works.

    Oddly enough, trying Virtualdub 64bit with the same rendering settings, the same filters, the same everything still works good! Except it is massively slower than the 32bit version (taking 12 hours to render a 10 minute video when the 32bit one did it in about one hour) So I am thinking it's a codec issue.

    Does anyone have any idea how to get logs from XVID, or get debug information that can help me track down the issue?

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    UNinstall klite and just install the xvid codec. I doubt you need anything else.

    Or try convert to avi xvid with avidemux or xvid4psp 5 (not version 7).
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