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  1. My goal is simple, use x264 vs AME to encode my ProRes HQ 1920x1080p30 content for Encore without triggering the transcode flag for Blu-ray.

    I am able to do that successfully if I downscale to 720p60 using the 720p60 command from here.

    However, I am not real happy with the results and would like to retain the 1080p resolution. I have tried various ways of encoding the content without downscaling, but all of them so far trigger the transcode flag.

    I know that only 1080i60 is BR compliant. I also know that --pulldown double is not supported in Encore. I thought --fake interlace would do the trick. But apparently not.

    Any suggestions? Or should I just forget 1080 for BR? Thanks.
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  2. --fake-interlace works, or at least it has in the past in encore

    The other option is to encode MBAFF with --tff
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  3. Are you saying --fake-interlaced doesn't work? Just checked - seems to work ok still
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