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    Good afternoon! Just joined this forum in the hope I can find an answer to my problem! I've tried searching online but found no answers so far. This is the issue:

    I'd like to be able to insert a DVD in my PC and be able to play the video with 2 languages at the same time via different outputs. So basically I'd have a external sound card that has 2 audio outputs and I'd like to be able to tell the media player to stream English to output1 and Spanish to output2. This way if I have the headphones plugged into output1 I can watch the movie in English and the other person can hear Spanish in their headphones on output2.

    With only 1 video playing though of course.

    Is this possible? I'm having real trouble finding a solution to this!

    Thanks in advance!
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    The first step is to check so you can choose between the two audio outputs. Do you see them under Sound and Playback in Windows?

    Example with Speaker and Digital output:
    Click image for larger version

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    The next step is to find a player that supports this. In Potplayer can I choose a second audio renderer but I can't seem to choose two audio tracks at once.
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    The "model" for a dvd player (or dvd player software) is to support only 1 chosen stream from among the available options. Doing what you want to do would require a non-standard player (perhaps even one that you created specifically yourself).

    Most players that seem to demonstrate this are actually not playing 2 streams but rather playing 2 separate split channels of th e same stream (e.g. English on L, Spanish on R) and then using hardwired cable splitting (so you get 2 mono channels of English + 2 mono channels of Spanish).

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    looks pretty hard imo, but your chance its with pot player , you need ask in pot player forums,

    months ago i ask for support closed captions, first they say not support but few days later they fix it and i was able to see them
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