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    I posted this to the "Newbie" as well.

    I have been messing with Video recording/ editing/ converting off and on for years, and now I need to convert, condense and archive this and my photos into clean formats and with codec that can be played on most common devices. We have video files from VHS to DVD to DV(tape) to DV(computer) to HD. Much of the old home video stuff, I just want to get it on our NAS device and make sure our family can access it from smart TVs in the home. I have a fair amount of "stuff " to work with, although some software I have yet to learn. Here is what I am working with:

    Several Window 7 computers running i7 or i5 processors
    Sony and soon samsung smart TVs
    Google TV boxes
    Panasonic DMR-ES35V (hope it still works)
    Another lesser VHS DVD unit
    Progressive SCan Sony DVD
    SD card video in HD from Sony Handy Cam and Sony EOS ti3
    Very old Pinnalce capture card and unit (I need to up grade here for sure)
    Synology DS412+ 8 TB Running Disk station with RAID 5

    Corel Video Editor
    Adobe Premiere

    Much Much Much Video

    I am looking for the easiest path to getting this done so that my family can enjoy the memories that are currently lost in a maze of files and boxed up tapes. I also want good quality on the converted video, but do not want to work on every one forever, I need to get this done.

    Advice, Help, and recommended services graciously appreciated.


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