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    I have just edited a 1280x720 25p video in Sony Vegas. I am not sure, but maybe I made a mistake. In the beginning I was not offered or just closed the project properties window by accident. That's why, I have noticed just before rendering that the project is set to 30p. I modified the setting, and saved the video in 25p. However on fast movements the video doesn't seem to be that smooth, it looks as if movements were accelerated. I wonder if it has anything to do with this mistake. Why I worry is because the box: "Adjust source media to better match project settings" was also ticked, however I doubt the source files were converted to 30p on import, as it should have taken quite a lot of time I guess. Do you think my mistake might have messed up frame rates?
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    Have you checked your source video so it's 25fps? Identify with mediainfo.

    Or try make a new test project with vegas, be sure to select 25p, add your sources and convert. Just to see if notice any difference in the output.

    Vegas should not touch your video source files.
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