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  1. Hi, I'm really struggling with a set of subtitles that is in reels, all in different times and in fps ( i want milliseconds). I have copy-pasted the first 3 reels (.docx) into a text file and have gone through manually editing the times in textedit. However, when I try to open the file on Aegisub or SubtitleEditor the file won't open. With aegisub it asks me for actor seperator and comment starter and whether to include blank lines, any combination of these produces the same result (see attached image). Subtitle Editor doesn't even open the file (no window pops up explaining why). I have tried to convert the .txt file to .srt online ( but the converter doesn't recognise it.

    Please can someone explain to me what is going on, how to convert this to an aegisub-readable file so I can shift some timings, or suggest another (free) program that will get me out of this very frustrating situation. I also have a deadline for this for tomorrow so any quick reply would be greatly appreciated!

    Attached is the .txt file, the file in aegisub and a screenshot of how certain subs come out when added to VLC. I can give more info if needed

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    Click image for larger version

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  2. open it up in subtitle edit and save as srt . That should "fix" it for other programs also, if you wanted to use other sub programs to edit it
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  3. Sorry, should have specified. Mac not Windows...
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  4. yes, I should have known from the screenshots...

    If you want to upload your text file (zip it up), someone can probably do it for you - at least it will get you started for this one, until someone comes with a mac solution. Was that the full sample ? or did you have other subs to "fix" as well ?
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  5. brilliant, thank you so much! Do you know which program I could use with mac?

    The rest of the subs are still in reels ( 4 long word docs and and annoyingly in fps not milliseconds) so i'm still gonna have to go through the whole film at a snails pace to find the millisecond timing (30 mins done so far, only 1h24 to go...

    but here they are for anyone that's interested
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  6. I included all 4 in the zip

    No I don't know how you can do it on a Mac - most sub programs are Windows based. If you look at the subtitles tools section, I think almost all of them are for Windows. Maybe try jubler

    I think the underlying problem has something to do with Mac line endings and text formatting . If you can figure out the actual problem it might be possible in a text editor to set the formatting
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  7. you sir/madam are a wonderful person/deathray. thank you. what you have just done in 5 minutes I've been trying all day. cheers
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  8. Cheers
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    Thread moved to the mac forum.
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