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  1. Hey guys, first time using this website.

    So I'm encoding my anime DVDs with HandBrake, right now it's Pokémon, and after a lot of trial and error, I created a preset that I found best encoded the episodes. However, when I tried encoding one of the theatrical movies, the preset didn't leave much to be desired.

    Here are three examples:

    Here are the HandBrake presets I am using:




    If you need any other information that I forgot to ask, feel free to ask.

    Thank you!
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  2. Originally Posted by GoodLucker View Post

    If you need any other information that I forgot to ask, feel free to ask.
    A ten second sample from a source VOB, one that produces the problem when encoded with handbrake. Maybe a short sample from the output, too, the same section as from the source.

    The correct framerate isn't 'same as source' (29.97fps) but 23.976fps after an IVTC. I suppose Handbrake can do that, but I don't use it so I don't know. Even so, though, you might still have that out-of-phase chroma problem. Time to learn AviSynth.
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  3. What you're seeing is the result of interlaced YV12 chroma being treated as progressive chroma. It's not likely the problem is on the DVD if it's a commercial product. But I can't reproduce the problem here using an interlaced cartoon DVD as a source. So I suspect you have a badly encoded DVD.

    You can use Mpg2Cut2 to open a VOB, mark a short section, then export as MPG without reencoding. Upload the result here.
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  4. I ran into the same issue with Pokemon movies 10-17. Thought it was the fault of a deinterlace program I was using, but later noticed the ghosting was present on the actual DVDs and seemed to follow the cadence of a typical 2-3 pulldown. In short, your handbrake settings are fine, but whoever was responsible for these encodes dropped the ball in a major way. However, I can confirm that these issues are not present on the blu ray releases, if you feel like tracking those down.

    (I know this thread is two years old, but it's AMAZING to find someone else who noticed this)
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