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  1. I'm looking for royalty-free relaxed piano music. I tried to search for it, most of them are royalty-free indeed, but cannot be used in Youtube videos because of the Youtube's Content ID system. I'd like to use them is relaxing videos, for example:

    I know, there is an audio library in Youtube, but it contains mostly shorter musics.
    Any advice?
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  2. Songwriter Nadia Cripps
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    Oct 2015
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    Hello, I have royalty free music available for your project. The link to my royalty free music is
    All I'm asking is to post credit for me as a composer please, preferably in your video as well as in video description.
    2013 Nadia Cripps. Music, Piano and Demo by Nadia Cripps
    You might like this piece for your project:
    I often collaborate with video creators and I'll be very happy to collaborate with you. I like your videos and I love nature.
    My youtube channel is
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