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    I have tried 2 free programs Recuva & wise data recovery, both don't show up anything when scanning the disc like I normally would my C: It just says 0 files found.

    Not sure what this means & how to get the files? Maybe need to connect through sata on mobo?

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  2. Get the drive OUT of the rinky-dink, oddball, cheap-crab USB work-around enclosure and connect it directly to the mobo with nothing else in between, as a secondary drive.

    NEVER, EVER attempt any diagnostics or low-level repair on a hard drive connected in ANY non-standard way. First, the enclosure is most likely to be the problem and second, they use various methods to not report accurately on precise head, sector, and cylinder information to the mobo hardware and OS, such information is MANDATORY for most recovery and repair programs.

    GetDataBack is the best I have ever used, hands down, no question. Recuva is decent for free. ALWAYS prefer to recover data to a second data drive, AVOID IF AT ALL POSSIBLE any write operations to the suspect drive until all data is recovered and saved elsewhere. GetDataBack demands this.

    Then delete the partition, reboot, recreate partition and do the long format, NOT the quick one.
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  3. Here are detailed steps for you to rescue your contents there:*
    1). Do not overwrite this hard drive in case of real data loss problems.
    2). Scan it with data recovery software to see whether all of your wanted contents inside this drive could be restored. There are always many data recovery tools online. Just select one for your*hard drive*, like uFlysoft, iCare Data Recovery Free, 4Card Recovery and TestDisk, etc.
    3). Save and back up all restored data on a different drive in case of data loss.*
    Never forget to make data backup again in the future.
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