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  1. Hello. The title of the thread is pretty self-explanatory. Is there to this date any tool that allows us to cut an H265-encoded video on non-keyframes making it a "smart render", that is, without reencoding anything between the first and the last keyframe from the cut? Or is it still impossible to do it?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    HEVC is intended as a delivery codec not editable codec. There are some cameras that record in HEVC, they tend to use relatively short GOPs.

    I am not aware of any s/w that "Smart Renders" HEVC. You can cut on key-frames losslessly, but not in between key-frames. You can use any ffmpeg based s/w like XmediaRecode for example. I suppose if you really wanted to, you could do it by manually encoding the in between frames and stitching it all back together and hope the audio stays in sync. The re-encoded parts would have to match the original's properties.
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  3. Thanks for your answer. Which program would I use to attempt encoding them manually and cut an "in between" frame? The audio is the less of the problems, if it gets out of sync I can edit it afterwards to sync it again.
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