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  1. Hi,

    I really need someones help. I do live dance competition events where I record about 300 3 minute dance routines and parents watch them back at my sales table. I found NCH's debut software which does everything i want it to, but the video quality is not coming through as HD. It's HD but like at half the speed. It drops a lot of frames when capturing. Let me explain why I like the software and maybe someone knows of software that I can get that does the same thing.

    I can capture as an mp4
    Has an option to name the file prior to recording
    Has an option that you can record a duplicate (backup) file in another location at the same time.

    I need to capture as mp4 because when parents purchase the videos we put them on a flash drive for them for instant delivery. I like the screen to come up so we can name it when the routine is announced on stage and the backup function is a huge time saver but not necessary. The laptop is connected via a switch so that it captures to our server, then allowing for playback via other laptops for parents.

    My camera is connected to a laptop using the Magewell USB Capture Dongle.

    Anything anyone can suggest would be greatly appreciated. I am open to new hardware, software etc. Anything that can simplify the process.

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    Does your laptop meet the minimum requirements according to NCH? The Magewell device doesn't encode, so it's up to your laptop processor to keep up with the MP4 encoding. It's possible that interrupts are bogging down your processor, which can be a laborious issue to troubleshoot.
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  3.'s not a processing issue. I've tried other software that captures fine but doesn't have the features of above.
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  4. Do you have the paid version of NCH's debut software? They have support for that version.
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