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  1. May be too easy, but I don't know

    I want to input an AAC file and re-encode it into another AAC or M4A.
    I can do it by using M4A file, but not AAC.

    qaac input.m4a -V73 -o out.m4a
    this works

    qaac input.aac -V73 -o out.m4a
    this not.. something missing. can someone put here the working code?
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    This is the code i use for encoding to aac/m4a below you can see i've added qaac and neroaac this should help you out
    ffmpeg -i my-music-file-input.aac -vn -ac 2 -ar 48000 -f wav - | qaac - --threading --normalize --vbr 192 -o my-music-file-output.m4a
    ffmpeg -i my-music-file-input.aac -vn -ac 2 -ar 48000 -f wav - | neroaac -ignorelength -lc -br 192000 -if - -of my-music-file-output.m4a
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  3. Thanks.
    But can't it be done without using FFMPEG and making a Wav?

    I have no knowledge about stdin and stdout.

    Can't we use --adts switch with stdin and stdout to do that?
    What they say there abt --adts, AAC input or output?
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  4. What version of QAAC are you using? ADTS decoding was added very recently.
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  5. Originally Posted by sneaker View Post
    What version of QAAC are you using? ADTS decoding was added very recently.
    2.52. Latest at that time.
    Now I upgraded to 2.55.
    sneaker, can you put here the code to decode aac adts, for the above exaple?
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  6. There is no special command.
    qaac input.aac -o output.m4a

    If that is not working your file is either not adts (or other qaac compatible input) or you have found a bug.
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  7. In 2.55, AAC input tested, worked.

    If it fails for you, you can follow stdin wav input method suggested by NiGHT-WiNG with the help of ffmpeg,

    or since M4A worked for you, you can quickly mux AAC into M4A and use it. mp4box can be used.

    mp4box -add input.aac#audio input.m4a
    qaac input.m4a -V 73 -o out.m4a
    If the audio are taken foema Video, then, extract the track as M4A if you can.
    Example, here ffmpeg can be used.
    ffmpeg -i input.mkv -vn -acodec copy input.m4a
    qaac input.m4a -V 73 -o out.m4a
    No idea what method (stdin or remuxing) gives better quality. I think this remuxing is better and will use less cpu usage. But not sure.

    But try to fix ur issue with AAC input.
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