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  1. I have a trial for another month for Bell Fibe's Video-on-demand service and their Kids Suite VOD channel. The Kids Suite has all the episodes of this show I watched as a kid called The Edison Twins. I would like to grab these before by trial with the channel runs out.

    I don't have any video capture cards or anything of the sort, but I can access my TV service through a web browser, including the VOD channels. The videos run through Silverlight. Looking at the source code for the page playing an episode, I found the URL for the video and downloaded a 225MB wmv file. However, I cannot play it no matter what I use. Windows Media Player says one or more codecs are missing. VLC gives me:

    Codec not supported:
     VLC could not decode the format "PRDY" (No description for this codec)
     Unidentified codec:
     VLC could not identify the audio or video codec.
    FreeMe2 tells me that the files I downloaded don't seem to be protected. MediaInfo tells me the video codec is PRDY and the audio codec is 5052. I tried using ismdownloader to try to capture watchable versions, but the site does not use ISMV. Is there another method to grab these? Or a method to take the wmv files I already downloaded and make them useful?

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    Please do not ask for help on downloading videos from that services that require paid subscription even for trial periods,it's against forum rules,this thread is closed.
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