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  1. The Samsung SM951 PCIe ssd has been out for over a year. But it was OEM-only making it not only hard to get but without warranty as well.

    Finally, a PCIe SSD is moving through the consumer/retail channel.
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    Max Sequential Read
    Up to 2000 MBps

    Max Sequential Write
    Up to 600 MBps
    Its only $399 for a 512MB. Its allot of money right now. Not quite 2.5 GB/s
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  3. Pass. That is the older, OEM-only SM951 with which I prefaced my post. I would never buy that one. It does not come with a warranty due to it being OEM-only. And the SM950 is a new and improved version. Normally, that sort of language is fluff. But in the world of NVMe PCIe ssd's, the technology is changing so fast that in this case it is meaningful.
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