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  1. Well I imported the japanese BDs of Slam Dunk and need some help adding english subtitles. Since I want to retain all of the menus and extras, I took to google and found this here guide But I found myself at a loss, since this guide apparently assumes that there should be a seperate mlps file for each episode (8 in total) and my rip only contains one big mlps file which includes all the episodes back to back.

    Going against what was stated in the guide, I added the big mlps to tsMuxer anyway and ended up with a single m2ts file which did include the subtitles, but since the original mlps file expects 8 seperate m2ts files, of course the resulting BD was unplayable in PowerDVD and even when I got it to play, the menu and the extras were missing.

    Seeing as the guide I used is from 2009, is there a better way to go about adding subtitles to a BD?
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    You can use multiAVCHD in re-author mode to add external sub-titles to an existing Blu-ray compilation.
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