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  1. Is there to stream video from a go pro hero 3 and a could of iPads through WiFi to a computer and have the computer serve as a video mixer? And then stream the the mixed video to the internet in real time? If so, how?
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  2. Perhaps some sort of Skype group. Synchronization would be a key stumbling point.
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  3. there is no way to use a computer as a video mixer? I have seen video mixers for sale but not found anything that will use wifi - all that I have seen require cabled data transfer.
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    there are all kinds of wireless transmission devices you can add to videocams. video mixing software can be bought, just google it.
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  5. Switcher/streaming software is the easy part. There's even free versions from YouTube. The difficult part is getting the camera signals to the switcher simultaneously in reasonable sync with each other. (I am also assuming you want to do this on the cheap. If that's incorrect and you've got many $$ it's a lot simpler.)
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