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  1. Hello, All -

    I am a relative newbie and have reviewed existing posts similar to my own which have not yielded a successful resolution to my issue.

    To date I have used AVStoDVD without issue converting MKVs to DVD file folder structures for burning. I have not made any recent modifications to my OS (running Windows 7) or have installed any new software. As of several days ago, any MKVs which I try to convert result in a significant, consistent delay in audio sync. This issue occurs identically when using MKVs from different sources. I have tried demuxing and remuxing the streams of the original MKVs as well as variations of disabling the "Auto Adjust Delay," "Keep Compliant Audio," "Force FFMpeg," and "Auto Audio Setup." In addition, "Preview[ed] Title Output" shows the sync as fine prior to attempting a conversion. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing (as well as installing the most recent version ) AVStoDVD and related codecs. I am at a loss as this would seem to imply a change has occurred in the OS. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks much.
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  2. Hi Polozka and welcome there.

    Could you post the log file of any out-of-sync project?


    AVStoDVD Homepage
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