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  1. Is x264 or H264 capable of encoding high 10 or 10 bit encoding for the highest video quality possible, I know its possible with the x264 encoder, but i want to use vidcoder or handbrake, the only thing is, I have no idea what is the command line for 10 bit encoding, 8 bit looses color when encoding anime or even in the movies, I have blu-ray discs, just wondering what is the command line for 10 bit, or is it possible with vidcoder or Handbrake?
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  2. The problem with 8 bit encoding is posterization (banding), not loss of color. That is what 10 bit encoding helps with. If you get different colors or less saturated colors you have a conversion or playback problem. 10 bit encoding won't help with that.
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  3. I don't think it's possible to output 10 bit H.264 using HandBrake/VidCoder, at least not with the official builds. You need to use some other GUI like StaxRip, MeGUI etc.
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