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  1. I've been trying to rip this video, But, couldn't do it.

    could someone help me out or give me some hint to get this video?
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  2. 1) Temporarily disable Flash in Firefox (Tools menu > Add-ons> then on Flash select "never activate".

    2) Install the Firefox add-on "Video Download Helper" (Tools, Add-ons, "Get Add-ons").

    3) Install the Firefox add-on "User Agent Switcher" (there are two available; I used the one by Linder, version 0.1.2). Onced installed an icon should appear in Firefox. Click that and select Apple-Mac as the O.S type and Safari as the browser type.

    4) Visit your url and play the video. Video Download Helper should show the link to the video last in it's list (184 MB or thereabouts).
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  3. hi

    if you want hd quality ~ 321Mo

    you can find all format just change \u0026 by &
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