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  1. Hello all, I work with the A/V crew at the church I attend. We have a weekly TV broadcast that we recently upgraded to HD (we were using Sony PVW-2800 decks mere months ago). Our services are recorded to disk at 1080p60 using a Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio Pro. We also have a live webcast, and we are still using a 20 year old TV camera that goes through a tape deck and into a $40 USB device, which feeds Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder for RTMP streaming. We want to upgrade our webcast, and are hoping to be able to use the 1080p60 output from the HyperDeck Studio Pro (which has HDMI and HD-SDI outputs) to create a 720p webcast. What are some hardware choices that are capable of accepting 1080p60 and will work with our streaming software (either FMLE or OBS)? Is the Blackmagic DeckLink Mini Recorder enough or do we need to look for something more powerful?
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  2. If you're using a decklink internal card, that should be all you need.
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