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  1. Since 2013 I've been using this Sewell HDMI splitter on the HDMI out from my HD cable box so I can watch TV and also have the option to record it on my computers capture card with HDMI input.

    That splitter is one of the kind that conveniently 'forgets' to enforce HDCP. That was true up until a couple weeks ago. Now my TimeWarner cable box (a Scientific Atalanta Explorer 4250) keeps detecting the splitter as a non-HDCP compatible device and blocking the picture (but not Audio).

    To get it working again I have to put it on a non-HD, non-HDCP protected channel, say CSPAN and then unplug and replug in my splitter with only my TV plugged into it. Once it's showing the picture I can then plug in the HDMI line to my computer as well. This works to get it going again from a range of a couple minutes to a couple days, then the cable box freaks out about HDCP again. This unfortunately is turning my wife off to the idea and preventing me from recording.

    I am assuming TW issued some kind of update to my cable box. Just my guess anyway. Besides that, I'm not sure why it would stop working two year later. Is there any good ways to tinker with the cable box to make my splitter work again like it used to?

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