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  1. Hi all,

    Pretty new in editing DVD's but here goes.
    I have a DVD here (custom made and no access to project files) with several menu's and around 50 clips.
    But after every clip has played it jumps back to main menu and i need to select next clip. This is pretty annoying and i would like to have it play continuously untill all clips are played.

    I tried to remove/edit things with ifoedit and pgcedit without luck.

    Is it even possible to have seamless plaback after every clip and only jump back to main menu after last clip?
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    Theoretically, it is not impossible to edit the ifo file and alter the exit commands to create a seamless playback of all clips.

    But stand back and ask if you really want to do that - it is not a 5 minute job - and having done that you would not be able to select individual clips.

    Better to rip the dvd, extract the clips from a single mpg (if the dvd is actually 50 vobs then that process would be even easier) and re-author a dvd with both options for single play-back and a 'play all' option.
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