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  1. Hi c**s

    I try to encode a .mxf file versus .avi mjpeg using a mjpeg 64 bit codec but I don't know why.
    With virtualdub I cannot. Is there a way, a program to do this?

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  2. Because VirtualDub does not use DirectShow encoders. Only VFW encoders. Unless you use the external encoder/muxer feature. How can you not know this by now?
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  3. I would use ffmpeg 64 bit, but the internal mjpeg encoder of ffmpeg don't take a pure interlaced .avi files.
    So that I have to use directshow codec, possibly 64 bit, like mainconcept mjpeg/accusoft Picvideo Mjpeg/Morgan Mjpeg. External encoder, if I don't mistake, is possibile only with ffmpeg, or not?
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  4. vdub external encoder cannot access directshow codecs either, at least not directly. You need an executable (.exe)

    picvideo , morgan etc.. they have VFW versions for mjpeg encoding you can access in vdub , so what is the reason for "needing" directshow ?
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  5. I try to understand if I can encode with a 64 bit mjpeg codec (to improve speed), but all VFW codec are not 64 bit. If I don't mistake only directshow codec is 64 bit. So that I try to understand, for example, if I can encode a .mxf into .avi (mjpeg) using a program that use a 64 bit mjpeg codec. For example mainconcept, morgan and accusoft mjpeg codec have the 64 bit version
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  6. There are 64bit VFW versions, but speed usually isn't much different than 32bit versions.

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  7. mmm I have installed 32 and 64 bit of the accusoft, but the 64 bit is not visible from virtualdub. I also have the morgan @ 64 bit and mainconcept @ 64 bit but are not visible by virtualdub. FFmpeg is ideal (and super fast) but mjpeg output is not a pure interlaced
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  8. Not sure about morgan, but picvideo for sure works in a 64bit VFW environment, including 64bit NLE's and 64bit vdub.
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  9. but the problem of picvideo is the quality: I have do a lot of proof and Morgan is superior at the same bitrate. Mainconcept and Morgan are the best codec (maybe mainconcept is the best) and they are 32 and 64 bit (but I think not 64 bit VFW) but I cannot find a way to use 64 bit codec. Mencoder can do it?
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  10. You can encode it with graphstudio x64 because they are directshow x64 codecs. No it's not a very user friendly way to do it. Vdub cannot access directshow for encoding, at least not directly, therefore you cannot use vdub x64.

    You already asked about mencoder in a previous thread

    You already asked these questions before.

    The answers are (still) the same ...
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  11. There are two video system in Windows: VFW and DirectShow. For the most part, programs use one or the other. VirtualDub uses VFW and requires VFW codecs. In addition, any program can use its own built in codecs. For example, VirtualDub has built in DV and MJPEG decoders so it can read DV AVI and MJPEG AVI without VFW decoders for those.

    Then there are the 32 bit and 64 bit environments. 32 bit programs can only see 32 bit codecs, filters AviSynth, etc. 64 bit program can only see 64 bit codecs, filters, Avisynth etc.

    So basically, under 64 bit Windows you have four (almost completely) separate video environments:

    32 bit VFW
    32 bit DirectShow
    64 bit VFW
    64 bit DirectShow
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  12. is there a way to encode using avisynth?
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  13. I have tryed to "encode" my mxf catfile into .avi mjpeg with 64bit windows.
    The encodyng process employs 1 minute and 14 seconds but at the end of encoding it need other 1-2 minutes maybe to write the file. So that encoding is too long. Is there a way to "encode" saving the maximum time?

    Click image for larger version

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