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  1. Hi, but I'm a ***

    I have try windows 10, but seems to me that the command prompt sometimes freeze all activity and block itself.

    How is possibile? Have anyone try it?

    I note that this block is casual, and is present in both windows 10 32/64bit

    meanwhile the same operations via cmd is all ok in windows 8.1 32 and 64


    ps: windows 10 64 bit build 10240
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  2. I'm running Win 10 64 on a laptop and Win 10 32 on a tower pc, I haven't experienced any issues with the cmd prompt, only thing I can suggest is to try running cmd as administrator. See if you get a different result.
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  3. I'm already full administrator, hoewver the problem of the "freeze" appear only when I touch the window with the mouse. If I don't touch the windows all processes are ok. It's strange, but it don't happen in windows 8.1 32/64bit
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  4. you do not upgrade to windows 10 if you do this kind of work, at least until late winter, otherwise you basically are beta tester for the time being ...
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    It maybe a BIOS issue. Had a problem like that with one of my machines when upgrading from Vista to Windows 7.
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