I have a DVD with one menu and four Titles. None of the titles have subtitle in it.
There are eighteen files in it.
Menu Structure:

Each Title have the following structure:
here x=1,2,3,4,5

Each VOB files have the following properties in common.
Width: 352 pixels
Height: 240 pixels
Frame rate: 29.970 fps
Standard: NTSC

The video dimension is 352*240 pixel.
You need to modify the following properties of subtitles:
1. font size/text height
2. Alignment-right, left or center
3. Position
4. Width and height

Each title is a movie. I have Five English(EN) SubRipText(*.srt) files for each of them. I need to add this subtitles to all five movies and re-author DVD with subtitles.
I tried most methods given in user guides. Subtitles are added to the videos. But they are not positioned well. Iíve tried DVDSubEdit. But I could not align them to center i.e. Subtitles are not center aligned. Also, They do not fit inside window. When I tried methods using DVD Lab Pro the subtitles are off screen (see image_1)

How would you add subs to this video using the following tools:
Pgcdemux, subtitle creator, subtitle workshop, ifoedit, vobblanker, DVD Lab Pro, DVDSubEdit etc.

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