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  1. Hi

    I have used DVDFab to rip a blu-ray to an MKV-file. The forced subtitle was ripped to a sub-file and an idx-file.
    In VLC it works real fine an i could see the subtitles but in my hardwareplayer not.
    Now i have tried to mux the subtitle by using mkvmerge to merge the two files.
    But mkvmerge said several times that the actual timestamp ist an earlier one as the one before and tries to sort them new.
    The problem seems to be that the movie has 29 chapters and in each of them the subtitels began at the timestamp 00:00.
    how can i solve the problem??

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    You could just try convert the sub/idx to srt with suprip or subrip and see if your hardware player supports it. Name the video and sub like video.mkv and
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