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  1. Hi,

    I've been looking around for a very simple softaware I can use to EQ the audio in a video file and maybe normalize it (could be done separately though) and save it either in any of the more common file formats (the same as the original file, -mov in this case, or wmv, mpg would be ok).

    I need it to be a decent EQ, not something where 100Hz on a graphic EQ is the lowest freqency that can be altered, I need fullrange control. Preferably a parametric EQ, but a graphic will do.

    I'm pretty much an idiot when it comes to software, so it needs to be pretty easy to use. I'll gladly pay for a good working software, but it needs to have a fully working trail version so I can actually see it works. I've tried a couple that didn't work (MP4Gain looked promising, but I can't save files in the trail version, so no way of knowing, Lightworks was to demanding for my PC, Sony Vegas was just way to complicated).

    Is there really nothing out there that actually works and is about as simple as a media player where I can press "save" after adjusting the EQ?
    If only Audacity or WaveLab could handle video files...
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  2. Really?

    Is there no software that can manage such simple tasks?
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