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  1. MovingImages is a powerful scripting tool for post-production video editing.

    The MovingImages scripting platform works on OS X Yosemite.

    The scripting language used for writing post production video editing is ruby.

    MovingImages integrates three of Apple's graphics technologies. These are the drawing engine CoreGraphics, the image filter processing engine CoreImage and the video editing platform AVFoundation.

    The goal of MovingImages is to provide a data format that can describe non-linear video editing using the three technologies described above. This is achieved using JSON command objects and JSON drawing instruction objects.

    Any scripting language that can create JSON data can be used to work with MovingImages. Zukini has made it easy by writing the moving_images ruby gem to write scripts in the scripting language ruby.

    Link to the video series Getting started with scripting MovingImages:

    You can install MovingImages directly from the link below. But I would recommend watching the first episode of getting started with scripting MovingImages first.
    Download link:

    Link to the MovingImages documentation:
    Link to the ruby gem reference documentation:

    The resources blog post lists all the currently available resources related to the MovingImages graphics platform.
    Link to resources blog post:
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  2. MovingImages has been updated to version 1.0.1.

    Version 1.0.1 Changes are:

    * Fix to the installer when the user wasn’t using OS X's default ruby installation.
    * Added capability to add audio tracks to the movie editor.
    * Added capability to mix audio tracks using the movie editor.

    The updated documentation with sections added for audio mixing are below:

    method test04 in this test file:
    Is a complete ruby script that creates a movie editor object, adds video and audio tracks, shows how to mix audio, exports the movie and saves a composition map that is a graphic representation of the composition that describes how the movie should be created.

    To download the update:
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