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  1. Can someone please help me. I am not a pro or even close. I have been filming my kids for 9 years and want to accomplish a few things. I have been searching for the same thing for many years to no avail. I hit a point of desperation last night when I googled searched my dilema, and got excited to see somone with a similar issue..... Only to find it was a post that I had put out there over three years ago!

    I have taken video with three different Sony video cameras over the years. The first was DV. The second camera, HDR-HC3 - is an HDV mini tape camera. And my recent camera is a digital HDR CX 550V. All Sony.

    What i want to accomplish:
    1. Archive my original Footage for future use and backup
    2. Local storage of all video with indexing on my pc so i can quickly see my clips
    3. Start editing and creating videos on both BD and digital

    My PC- i just built a custom PC to tackle this project.

    My plan for archiving and back up is to put all my videos on a separate HDD as well as on 100gb Mdiscs(i have an LG BD with mdisc capabilities). They will be stored off-site as backups. I think I'm OK there.

    The video editing, I was planning on using Sony Vegas Pro 13 suite. Although my love for Sony is fading. Also considering Adobe Premiere creative suite. Any suggestions here would be appreciated. I've read some things about Adobe being able to utilize my GTX 980 GPU whereas Vegas Pro will not. I just downloaded a trial of Vegas Pro.

    The problem: i was using Sony PMB to import video and it worked great. Puts all my clips on the HDD and names them by date taken(very important to me). It then puts them in calendar view so you can see clips and when they where taken. Perfect! I have 9 years of video and being able to see the thumbnails in calendar view makes it super easy to start editing project because I can quickly see what i filmed without clicking every file. The downside is that you have to use Sony cameras. No problem i have been a loyal Sony guy. So how do they repay the loyalty, Sony switched to Playmemories a few years back and no longer supports PMB. So i was pushed to use the new software. However Playmemories will not recognize any of the HDR-HC3 footage. (550v work perfect). So 50 hours of film is sitting in 50 files with many clips all dated August 2011, the date i brought them all into the pc(not the dates they were taken!). Playmemories will not allow me to bring in the video regardless of format. Converting the video files is pointless because Sony's proprietary software will not recognize or allow you to bring in any other type of video to their software unless it was taken with a Sony video camera. But for some reason Sony HDR Dash HC three is not recognized . One Sony rep told me the program does not support tape formats. Another customer service rep told me it was windows 10 as the problem. I can't get any solid answers.

    1. Is there any software than can allow me to recapture my original tape and use the metadata to name all the clips by date taken for easier retrieval? Or can i fix the names of all the clips already brought in to my HDD that are currently named 201108.... Without manually watching and renaming every clip using something like DVMPpro 6 to find date info.
    2. Is there a calendar type program (like playmemories) that will index my clips by date and preferably be able to import with date time recorded as clip name? Then I could easily browse thumbnails by date, without needing to open every clip one at a time, to decide which clips i want to use to make my movies.

    I am willing to purchase any software that will make this happen. I have been waiting years to start this project and I do not want to wait any longer. I don't however want to download 50 different programs to find out that none of them do what I need. I downloaded a trial of Vega Pro 13. It did import my tapes via firewire(yeas firewire😳. Had to add a pcie firewire port to my new PC just for this). Vegas just named them clip 1, clip 2, etc with no mention of date taken. Also playmemories didnt recognize or acknowledge the clips.

    Sorry for the length but I wanted to be very clear. Also wanted you to know this is out of desperation and not just being lazy and trying to have someone save me time bcause i didnt feel like researching. I have researched to the point of utter confusion.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your time.

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    to get names on the files that go with the dates the videos were taken use winDV for miniDV tapes and HDVsplit for HDV tapes. both are firewire using programs as that's the only way to get full resolution off of those type tapes. [edit] both are free utilities.

    vegas pro 13 should work with all your types of video and is easier to learn than premiere pro.
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