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    Our old DVR that we had been using for 9 years finally died.
    After a lot of research online I bought a Channel Master DRV.
    I'm having trouble getting it to work, won't tune TV channels.

    I would really like to find someone who can talk me through setting it up,
    it's really outa my realm.

    If there's someone who would be willing to talk to me on the phone about
    I'll gladly call you.

    I've got almost $400 tied up in this stuff and can't get it to work,
    won't someone PLEASE help me with this.

    73, Ron W4RON
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    you can try searching in youtube there maybe find some help.
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    I don't have any of the Channel Master DVRs, but have looked at them online. Just to be sure, you have the Channel Master DVR+, not one of their earlier DVRs?

    What is the DVR connected to, a TV antenna or digital cable service?

    The reason why I ask is, that unlike their earlier DVRs, the Channel Master's DVR+ is strictly for antenna use. Its tuners won't work for tuning clear QAM (unencrypted digital cable channels).
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